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Perennial roots, tall leaves, O the winter shall not freeze you delicate leaves,
Every year shall you bloom again, out from where you retired you shall emerge again.
Walt Whitman - Scented Herbage of My Breast

Open Your Own Treasure House

Daiju visited the Zen master Baso. Baso asked, ‘What do you seek?’
Daiju said, ‘Enlightenment.’
Baso replied, ‘You have your own treasure house. Why do you search outside?’
Daiju asked, ‘Where is my treasure house?’
Baso said, ‘What you seek is your treasure house.’
Daiju was immediately enlightened. Afterwards he would say to his friends, ‘Open your own treasure house and use those treasures.’

The fountains of our deepest life, shall be
Confused in passion’s golden purity,
As mountain-springs under the morning Sun.
We shall become the same, we shall be one.
Epipsychidion - Percy Bysshe Shelley
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